AFTRS Equipment Booking System
Notice Board



Monday to Friday: 0800 to 1800
Sat: 0800 to 1300
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

In using the EFBS you are acknowledging the following AFTRS declaration: I agree to take full responsibility for the items issued to me as outlined on this form and I acknowledge this booking is non-transferable: I have read and understood the Student Access to Equipment and Facilities Policy and Procedures and agree to comply with them. I have read and understood the 2018 Production Handbook and agree to comply with it and any applicable AFTRS' Policies and Procedures referred to in it.
My equipment use does not involve any High Risk Activity as specified in the AFTRS Production High Risk Activities list, or if it does, I have had a Hazard Checklist, Risk Assessment and equipment list approved by an authorised AFTRS staff member.
I have completed all my relevant WHS & Technical Inductions.
I will return each item of equipment on the date specified in at least the same condition as it was issued to me. I will not misuse the equipment and I will take reasonable steps to ensure none of the equipment issued is misused or is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. I agree to comply with all other applicable AFTRS' policies and procedures as published and varied from time to time.
I declare that this booking is coursework related, either directly or because it relates to my self-directed learning and understand that I must not use the equipment for any other purpose. Any questions about the application of policies and guidelines relating to the use of AFTRS' equipment and facilities should be directed to Technical Support Office.